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We are a licensed, insured & full service boutique travel design company, specializing in Leisure, Family,  Group & Corporate Travel as well as Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries

& other romance related travel. 

We are up to date with all COVID19 protocols and will keep you appraised of all relevant information for your trip. Your safety is our primary concern. 


We excel in finding the best and most authentic aspects about a destination and will design a customized and unique travel plan for you. We always go above and beyond. If you are a traditional traveler and want the tourist experience, then we will design a package for you that includes exactly that, with all the bells and whistles. 

 Contact us for more info or to book your dream vacation. 

Below are some pictures and videos of our most recent travels. 

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Destinations are cautiously reopening, and we are excited to book that trip or destination wedding, that you have been planning since 2019! Many of you have already jumped on the proverbial travel bandwagon and hit the cruises with a vengeance! Explore beautiful country sides and breathtaking beaches, walk the same steps as ancient civilizations, experience once-in-a-lifetime-safaris, or immerse yourself in the energy of cities. We don't just book travel, we create handcrafted, unforgettable memories, whether you want to travel locally in the U.S., explore wineries worldwide, experience heart stopping adventures in Africa, or backpack in Peru. We book fabulous and fun leisure cruises for families, or high end cruises for adults only. The best gift you can give your children, is travel, as it opens their minds to the world, teaches them compassion and awareness. 

If you have to travel for business or sports events, we should be your first phone call. 

If you need something totally different for your wedding & honeymoon... we've got you, whether you choose to elope, or travel with family and friends. Honeymoon hops are so much fun and our experienced wedding planners/travel designers will ensure you cover every detail.