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The Planning Process. 

What I do

I am both a Travel Coach and Travel Designer. I can book an itinerary of your choosing, add perks and arrange for a lot of pampering and special treatments as well assist you with finding the best accommodations according to your taste and budget. 

Or... I can discuss your goals & vision for the trip you want to go on, and work with you to achieve those. For instance, if you tell me you want to travel for three months, and during that time, you want to have wine and food experiences throughout Europe, as well as maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, then I will recommend the best destinations for those experiences.  We will discuss my suggestions and you will decide on your itinerary.  Then I will proceed with the booking including the pampering. perks and special treatments mentioned before. 

Our Process:

If you are a new client, please schedule an exploratory complimentary phone consultation HERE. During this call we will discuss your goals & vision for the trip you want to go on. Then we will decide whether we are a good match to work together, and if yes, we will schedule a strategy and planning session. For this initial consultation, please ensure that you and your travel partner(s) are on the same page regarding the date and destination. Considering the times we live in and how busy travel is right now, it would be wise to have a plan B & C ready in case your dates and/or destination is not available. When we talk we will discuss your vision for the trip you are planning. 

Planning your trip

  1. Please ensure that you have as many details about the trip available when we talk such as the purpose of your trip, the number of people traveling with you if any, and of course the dates and destination. Alternate dates and destinations  are always good to keep in mind if possible. 

  2. Once you have provided me with all the details, we will begin to craft an itinerary and include all the available perks and experiences you and your travel companion(s) would like to have. 

  3.  When we have everything finalized, I will send you a detailed itinerary, based on our discussions, including any transfers necessary. 

  4. I will help you plan and book your trip; from your flights to your destination(s), to finding your ideal accommodation(s). I can also add experiences you want to have at your destination(s) such as foodie tours or meeting the locals. I can provide you with as much or as little assistance as you need. 

We also provide A la Carte Services:

  • Specialized Tours & Excursions

  • Hotel Reservations

  • Flight Reservations

  • Car Rentals

  • Trip Insurance


As travelers we often choose a destination based on beautiful pictures with a five second caption on social media and word-of-mouth advice. One never truly knows what you will get until you get to your destination. This is what a travel designer and travel coach is for. 

We share the good bad and ugly of a destination amongst ourselves, and this is just one of the advantages of working with me. Some of the other advantages are that I am a part of one of the most educated, well-travelled agencies in North America, and our deep relationships with the very best travel companies in the world is chief among them. We are a top producing agency and partner with top cruise lines, hotels, resorts, and destination management companies. 

We are members of virtually every affinity club and preferred partner program that is important to our clients, which translates into very special treatment, benefits, access, amenities and savings for you! These programs offer our clients rare and exclusive opportunities not available by booking directly online. 

In order to perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel, a deposit is required. This retainer is required on all tailor-made itineraries, destination weddings and groups of 10 or more travelers, and it is non-refundable. 

How it works

For the clients who want to create and book their own experiences but want a pro to guide them and provide time and money saving tips, I offer hourly consultations. Your first 30 min consultation is no charge. During that consultation we will ascertain how many hours you will need my services for and I will provide you with a quote. 

For those clients who want to to work with me, I charge a one-time non-refundable retainer and that amount depends on the type of trip we will be working on. 

The amounts quoted below is a general guideline. 

Why the retainer:

Unfortunately, I have worked long hours planning a trip for potential clients, who then decided to make their reservations online. When people call me to “pick my brain” for an hour or more and then self book based on my information, they are taking my work time for free and money from my pocket. 

While travel is my passion, it is also the way I make a living. I give each and every experience special attention. A typical one week trip takes 30 hours from start to finish to organize, and the work doesn’t end there. I tweak and perfect until the client travels and I monitor travel restrictions and requirements in this ever changing world. I am also available 24/7 for any emergencies if you booked your trip with me. 

Initial Consultation

No Charge

This will last approximately 20 - 30 minutes to find out more about your trip needs and how or if I can help you. 

We will discuss the basics of your trip with you and decide whether we are a fit to work together. 

Destination Wedding Travel Planning


We will go over your wedding travel and accommodation wish list. I will be able to let you know what you can and cannot expect at the destination of your choice. If needed I will be able to advise you which vendors you will be able to find at the venue, their abilities and make recommendations. 

If you want to self-book I can help you create everyone's itineraries. 

I will not be responsible for any unexpected changes or last minute cancellations, unless I did the booking. 

General Travel Planning 


We will go over your destination wish list and I will provide an overview of what you can expect at the destination of your choice, with  recommendations for accommodation and excursions. 

I  can help you create an itinerary if you want to self book. 

I will not be responsible for any last minute changes to your accommodation or cancellations and cannot help you unless I made the booking for you. 

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