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Clean Crafted Wine 

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Wine is a passion of mine which I may have inherited from my parents. My first sip was at the tender age of 12 in Épernay during the first (of many) visits. Those magnificent Champagne Houses are just jaw-droppingly beautiful! If you ever head that way, the Château Perrier museum and the Théâtre Gabrielle-Dorziat should be a must-see on your itinerary. 

Since then I have toured many wineries worldwide and tried many different wines... (some memorable, and others not so much!) I recently made some healthy eating habits but didn't want to give up on my wine, so I looked for a low sugar alternative that is also delicious and found Scout & Cellar. 

. This company is committed to living consciously and I am behind whatever is good for the planet, especially

if it tastes great as well! 


Scout & Cellar's Clean-Crafted™ wine is free from synthetic pesticides, chemical additives and sweeteners and they actually show what is in their wine on the label. 

Sooo... If  you are a fine wine aficionado and you live a healthy lifestyle, then these are the wines you should try. You will not be disappointed. 


Scout & Cellar also offers this partner opportunity so if you love the wine, you could also have your own wine business and  get your wine at a great price. 

Contact me HERE to book a virtual tasting. The only cost is the wine.

Below you will find descriptions of wine as well as great pairings. 

Red Wine

Small batch wine, no additional sugar, no preservatives and no pesticides

Build your own business

If you are interested in starting your own business click on this pic and talk to me!

Delicious Pinot and Cab

The Pinot from Chile was so good with chicken tagine, with dates and apricots, and the Cab from Cali (mendocino) perfection with the lamb.

Our Gallivant Cab pairs beautifully with bold flavored meats.

Perfect pairing

Wine with Friends

Very few things are as relaxing as having a glass of wine after dinner. It is even more enjoyable with a good friend! Introduce them to Scout & Cellar so they can enjoy the wine without the guilt!

Wine Club

What a lucky Valentine's day recipient!

Wine with a view

Summer or winter - our whites are great with any season.

Lobster Paella
Date Night Done Right!

This delicious sparkling Rose is a guaranteed winner to kick off date night with some strawberries or variety of camembert cheese platter. Followed by the Fieldhouse Pinot... I paired it with a grilled salmon and veggies

Snow day reds! Pairs great with a fireplace.

The Veinte from Chile is superb with tacos and ribs and the 2017 Soleil. Vent. Âme is a perfect pair with steak. A great combo of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Grenache

Etnico Chardonnay from Chile

Pairs really well with friends enjoying a great view and cheese platter.

Etnico Chardonnay from Chile

Pairs well with friends enjoying a great view and lovely glass of wine

2020 Dove Hunt Dog Sauv Blanc. N BLANC California

Loved these mussels with the Zesty and refreshing Sauv Blanc. Meyer lemon, lemongrass and a distinctive minerality on a light-bodied frame with a clean, bright finish that was just lovely!

Wine, Firepit and Great Company.

The best pairing ever!

A sunset picnic at the beach

Romance doesn't end with Valentines

Yes to 40% less Cals!
Strawberries Romanoff

There is no other way to have strawberries in any form with anything else but champagne. Click on the link to see all our delicious sparkling wines. I love the Rose Sparkling but the Che Fico is also great with this scrumptious dessert or snack with your baby.

Virtual or In-house

Wine tasting kit

Virtual Tastings

Stay in touch with friends over a glass of wine or try our fine wines with a virtual tasting. DM me for info.

Che Fico bubbly

Delicious with fries!

Che Fico bubbly

With fries!

Popcorn tasting

With red wine - great pairing

Order yours now!

... and 5 - 7 days later this will be waiting at your door. If you can't wait, order two day shipping.

Veinte Red

With enchiladas!

Pairs well with any sunset
Wine tasting

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